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I am designing leaflets for our local trail map. I was dismayed to learn that the colours we had chosen for the three trails - red, green and purple - were going to cause problems for so many people! However, I then discovered your marvellous Vischeck, and with Photoshop and this fabulous upload-and-check facility I have re-coloured all the trails. I just worked on the colours until they appeared completely distinguishable in all three Vischeck modes. Easy, and very exciting. Many many thanks for solving the problem in such a user-friendly way.
-Frances B., Wales
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  • Daltonize accepts most common image formats. However, we recommend that you use PNG or JPEG format for uploading large images as these tend to transfer faster.
  • For PowerPoint slides, you can save all your slides as PNG images with "Save As..." and run Daltonize on each slide.
  • Uploading a large file may take a while - please be patient!

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