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I'd like to thank you for the rare experience of stepping into the mind of another. No article or medical treatise could have offered me the vivid insight that your web site had offered. Vischeck worked perfectly. Interestingly enough, the changes wrought on a picture by the alteration of colors, at times, brought out certain aspects that I had missed before. On the whole, the change made me feel quite different about the object I was perceiving. This whole experience was fascinating. Thank you again.
-Tal B.
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Vischeck Downloads

Please note that the Vischeck products below are offered free of charge with no warranty or guarantee of any sort. Legal disclaimers aside, we think they are useful for visual simulation of color-deficient vision and hope that you might also find them interesting and useful.

Items available for download:

VischeckPS - Win Vischeck Photoshop Plug-In for Windows ReadMe download VischeckPS_1.01w
VischeckPS - Mac Vischeck Photoshop Plug-In for Macintosh OSX and OS 9 ReadMe download VischeckPS_0.9m
VischeckJ 1.0 Vischeck ImageJ Plug-In, version 1.1
Installation instructions: English, Japanese (courtesy of Masataka Okabe.)
Readme download VischeckJ_1.1

Please note: all downloads are distributed as zip archives. You will need a zip/unzip utility to extract the files once you download the archive. If you don't already have an unzip utility, try:

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