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I was browsing the net looking for a program that would define colours on my computer screen when I came across your site. I am myself totally colour blind and, although I try to be patient, I find it hard work trying to explain to people what it is like. I am going to bookmark your site and send it to anyone who asks me in the future. You explain it better than I do (I always say its like dyslexia of colours.) It was also interesting for me to finally see what I am supposed to see in a Ishihara plate!
-Alan D; Kent, UK
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VischeckJ - Run Vischeck Anywhere

To run VischeckJ, first install ImageJ, then download VischeckJ.

Note: Installation instructions are also available in Japanese, courtesy of Masataka Okabe.

VischeckJ is a plugin for the ImageJ image processing program from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). Both ImageJ and VischeckJ are free. Because ImageJ is written in Java, it will run on most common operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS, and (our favorite) Linux. And because VischeckJ runs under ImageJ, you can now use Vischeck on any of these operating systems as well!

To run VischeckJ you first need to install ImageJ. You can get ImageJ from the NIH site.

Then install the VischeckJ plugin in the ImageJ plugin folder. Do this by copying the VischeckJ files to the 'Plugins' folder in your ImageJ directory. It's a bit like installing a photoshop plugin.

Now you can run ImageJ. The VischeckJ plugin will appear under the 'Plugins' menu.

ImageJ running under Windows

Selecting this menu option will bring up the VischeckJ control panel.

VischeckJ control panel

You can simulate any of the 3 types of color blindness on the selected image by hitting the appropriate button. Here's an example of the ImageJ sample image 'fluorescent cells' as seen by a deuteranope.

deuteranope simulation of flourescent cells

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