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This is a wonderfully informative website. I've always been curious as to what people meant when they said 'I'm color blind'. I thought it meant that they could only see black and white. Thank you for enlightening me on this subject.
-Kim S.
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Daltonized artworks

Examples of famous works of art after the application of the Daltonize algorithm.

The aim was to alter the color balance to bring out details that would normally be hidden to dichromats. The Daltonize algorithm attempts to do this in such a was as to maintain the same overall look and feel of the image. In most cases, dichromats will see a difference between the original image and the Daltonized version.

Four images are presented on each page. These are the 1: original image, 2: a simulation of the original image as seen by a dichromat, 3: the Daltonized version of the original image and 4: a simulation of the Daltonized image as viewed by a dichromat. By comparing images 2 and 4, it is possible for subjects with normal color vision to appreciate the difference that the Daltonize algorithm makes.

Garden The Garden at Giverny
Apples Apples in a Red Bowl
Poppies Poppies
Red cupboard Red cupboard
Sunflowers Sunflowers

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