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Your algorithm is simply amazing, I am color blind and let me tell you that your site allowed me for the first time to see the world more like it is. It almost reaches the miracle level!
-Rafael E.
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Vischeck draws on algorithms developed at many different vision laboratories around the world. In particular, the interactive online demo owes a great deal to a 1997 paper by Brettel, Vienot and Mollon entitled "Computerized simulation of color appearance for dichromats" and to recent work from Brian Wandell's group at Stanford. Our info page contains a more complete list of references.

The integrated vischeck system has been developed by two scientists at Stanford university:

Bob Dougherty, PhD Dr. Dougherty completed his doctoral work in the psychology department of the University of California, Santa Cruz. He worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the department of ophthalmology at the University of British Columbia and the BC's Children's Hospital Visual Neuroscience Lab before moving to Stanford. After a short leave from academics to run a small company, Dr. Dougherty returned to Stanford as a senior research scientist to help form the new Stanford Institute for Reading and Learning (SIRL). He uses structural and functional brain imaging and psychophysics to study visual processing and reading development (see his academic site for more info).

Alex Wade, PhD Dr. Wade completed his doctoral work on retinal imaging at University College London in the Institute of Ophthalmology and Moorfield's eye hospital. After a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University to study color and form processing in the human brain, he moved to Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute to establish the Brain Imaging Center there.

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We do appreciate bug reports, but we currently don't have time to fix the many known bugs (such as broken style-sheet support). To report bugs or to contact the Vischeck team directly, you can e-mail us at

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